Do you suffer from Forumhypochondritis?

Dr Jay's Tech Topic of the Month

Forumhypochondritis- an ailment afflicting Motorcyclist in the internet age. Hundreds if not thousands of motorcyclists suffer from it every year. These well-intentioned folks have every kind of problem imaginable just because someone posted it on a forum on the Internet. A relatively new form of ailment, it is responsible for many worries and fears being unnecessarily generated.

Do you go to motorcycle forums only to diagnose your ride as having a terminal issue you didn't even know you had before you read about it there? Then you might have Forumhypochondritis
After all, if it's on the "˜net, it must be true, right?

There is a never-ending supply of hypochondriacs on the net posting in these forums. All of a sudden they have something to say and a place to say it. Instead of talking about their latest adventure or trip they just got back from, they are not content unless they are bitching about something that they heard is a problem with their particular bike and that the manufacturer should be recalling all those models and that everyone with that model should have theirs checked too- and on and onŠ. These people can turn nothing into something. They often try to diagnose their health themselves too, preferring to have an incurable disease because their symptoms matched that disease on Web MD instead of consulting their real Doctor.

Just like the example given about not trying to diagnose your own health, there is no substitute for a good Technician to look at your ride. I have a theory about why there is such a proliferation of forumhypochondritis. It is because there are some people addicted to forum posting. They all try to out do each other and be the first to post "Did you hear that...". They can't wait to get home and check the new "posts". Combine that with the fact that there are so many bad motorcycle techs out there and it is a formula for disaster. Well Just like bad Medical Doctors, we are not all that way. Seek out the professionals you feel you can trust for advice, and then listen to them. If you feel you need a second opinion, run it past another Technician. Do not place your trust in rumors and innuendos you read on the internet. Remember a professional is only a phone call away.

So how do you cure yourself of this condition?
1. Don't believe everything you read! Simple advice eh?
2. It is NOT a trusted source if it is not an "official" website. Get your information directly from the source, not second hand. There are NO official Yamaha Forums. Go to the Yamaha website at 
3. Use your common sense. Your bike and the way you ride it is unique. Just because someone else has an issue doesn't mean you do!
4. Consider the source. Enough said.
5. Do not jump to conclusions
6. Stay off of the "bitching" forums. You know which ones they are


Ride Safe- and SMART,

Dr. Jay