New Riders Information Page

Welcome New Riders!

We welcome you to Chapter 109; a family oriented riding organization and Chapter of the STAR Touring and Riding Association, the official owners organization of Yamaha Motor Corporation.  On this page, you will find all the information you need to come out and join us!

We meet every 3rd Saturday of the month for a meeting/ride event to somewhere in Southern California. These are all day events; departing at 9:00am and returning around 5:00pm and generally encompass 250 miles of some of the best biker locations in the world! We make regular stops for fuel, food, and to stretch.

Safety is our number one priority and is taken very seriously. We have designated "shepherds" to personally help you during your first few rides. This is a VERY low stress environment and absolutely the safest way to enjoy a group ride. As a new rider you will be required to:

1). Complete 3 rides with the chapter within a four-month period
2). Be voted in by the Chapter membership at a meeting following your third ride.
3). Join STAR Touring and Riding (we do not collect any additional chapter dues)

At your first ride, we will collect some information from you. We will need to see your valid motorcycle license, proof of insurance, a member information form, and a waiver and release form. You can fill out these forms at YOC when you arrive for your first ride, or you can download the forms HERE and fill them out and bring them with you (saves time!).

Last but not least, we require you to meet us at YOC no later than 8:15am the day of the ride. You can get a map HERE

Thank you for your interest and we will look forward to you joining us!